All children in grades Kindergarten through High School are invited and welcome to join our Faith Formation program. Classes meet on Wednesday evening at 5:30 PM September through May. Through weekly classes and monthly Sunday classes, we celebrate the future of our Church in our faith by presenting the teachings of our religion. Seventh grade classes are pre-Confirmation, and Eighth grade classes are Confirmation classes. At the end of Eighth grade Faith Formation program, students will be Confirmed before the Parish.
Kindergarten - High School

Our Faith Formation curriculum follows the liturgical calendar and focuses on the Gospel. An emphasis is placed on using group and individual activities that respect different learning and teaching styles.  There is a strong focus on different types of prayer: personal prayer and reflection, guided meditation and community prayer.


 A number of large-group events, reinforcing the lessons, are scheduled throughout the program year.


Volunteer instructors and classroom aides undergo a background check and complete Safe Environment (SEP) training for all adults (18+). 


To volunteer in the Elementary Faith Formation ministry or to enroll your child in this rich experience, please contact the Faith Formation Director,  Mary Chapman at 352-683-2849 or e-mail her below.



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